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Apparatchiks as business advisors

We recently analysed the strategic capabilities of several Finnish communications agencies. Why is an agency good at something, and where does this capability come from? And how do agencies leverage these capabilities?

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Reputation: 5 tips for 2017

We’re living in crazy times. What does this means to corporate brand reputation in 2017? These are our five tips on things to watch for…

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Finns’ trust in institutions crashing

innish people trust their political decision makers and labour market organisations less than before. The Nation’s Values 2016 study indicates that the Government has suffered the greatest loss in trust. In contrast, the police, the education system and the healthcare system enjoy the strongest trust…

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Targeting responsible summer jobs

T-Media announces the launch of the Responsible Summer Job 2017 campaign in Finland. The objective of the campaign is…

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Finns’ trust in corporations declining

Kone is the most reputable enterprise in Finland, according to the latest iteration of T-Media’s annual Reputation&Trust survey. The other two organisations in the top three are Supercell and Fazer. A comparison of data over several years reveals that there is a downward trend in trust towards enterprises in Finland.

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