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T-Media has the world’s best tools to analyse reputation, brand and stakeholder relations – and provide actionable outcomes.


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T-Media approaches reputation and responsibility from the top management and board viewpoint of strategic value creation.


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“T-Media’s findings have been very insightful. The firm’s strengths consist of a clear framework and a strategic approach.”

- Arja Suominen, SVP, Communications and Corporate Responsibility, Finnair

”I was astonished by the efficiency and the results of the project.
We were in search for world-class marketing assets, and we sure got it.”

- Marko Savolainen, CEO, Silverskin Information Security

“The process exceeded all our expectations. With T-Media’s help we developed a good understanding of the changes needed in our marketing messaging. The survey report helped us tremendously in our strategy process.”

- Annu Matula, director, Henley Business School Finland

“The Reputation&Trust model and its research findings have helped us to enhance our stakeholder relations work. We have also been able to identify areas of improvement that are critical for our business – and for our corporate image.”

- Martina Lilius, Communications Manager, Berner Ltd.

“T-Media supports organisations to better understand the current labour market transformation with its rigorous research on work-life trends and employer image. Furthermore, T-Media is also actively and efficiently driving youth employment with its Responsible Summer Job campaign, which is proudly title sponsored by Nokia.”

- Jouni Turunen, Head of Finland Country HR, Nokia

“Our collaboration with T-Media has grown over recent years. We appreciate T-Media’s researched-based and holistic approach. It helps us at DNA to drive our business, and to build our reputation in many areas.”

- Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck, Chief Communications Officer, DNA

“Cooperation with T-Media is always smooth and solid. It is very rare to be part of a project where each step is so well managed. Respect!”

- Katri Viippola, SVP, Communications, HR and CSR, Varma

“We have collaborated with T-Media for many years to enhance our employer image. T-Media’s service has always been friendly, fast, creative, and tailored to meet our specific needs. The reputation surveys in different stakeholder groups have been particularly useful.”

- Tiina Miettinen, SVP, HR and Communications, Fingrid Oyj

“The findings of the Reputation&Trust study have benefited us in our strategy work, and in defining the road ahead. The format makes the findings easy to communicate to our stakeholders.”

- Olli Ernvall, Chief Communications Officer, ​VTT

“I have collaborated with T-Media for many years. My experience is that T-Media has always been an extremely professional and ambitious research and communications agency. In managing our stakeholder relations, the Finnish Commerce Federation has greatly benefited from T-Media’s Reputation&Trust research model.”

- Juhani Pekkala, CEO, Federation of Finnish Commerce


At the heart of T-Media’s analytics and research services, Reputation&Trust is the state-of-the art model for reputation and brand research. The model has been employed by almost 200 organisations, in 49 countries.

Reputation&Trust offers a uniform research model to assess the state of an organisation’s reputation among the general public, the organisation’s employer image, its media relations and other aspects of stakeholder relations.

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In our short history, there have been plenty of success stories. We have been honoured to deliver hundreds of reputation metrics and brand reputation platforms for beloved companies like Fazer, Paulig, Berner, and DNA. In three decades, we have helped customers like KONE, VTT, and Nokia to attract and retain the best talent. We have created one of the largest CSR initiatives in Finland, and written thousands of corporate stories.

We have seen the dot-com bubble burst and the financial crisis, but we have never saved resources from R&D or HR initiatives. The search for cutting-edge service has endured. As a result, today, we have the world’s best tools to analyse reputation and stakeholder relations.

But our history not only tells what we have done so far — it also hints at the direction in which we will travel in the future. We cooperate with leading academic institutions and business schools. We combine the most rigorous research and best business practices to serve our customers in the global marketplace.

With our world-class tools and certified advisory team, we can measure, build, and protect your most valuable immaterial asset — your reputation.




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With our world-class tools and certified advisory team, we can measure, build, and protect your most valuable immaterial asset — reputation. We have already served hundreds of organisations in almost 50 different countries.

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