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Naiset hoitajia ja miehet johtajia — myös 2020-luvulla?

This post is currently available in Finnish. Please see the original post here.

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Reputation and brand fought it out — who won?

”For me, reputation is just a part of [the] brand,” said the brand head of the world’s biggest steel producer at the end of his speech in Milan…

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Reputation: 5 tips for 2017

We’re living in crazy times. What does this means to corporate brand reputation in 2017? These are our five tips on things to watch for…

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Targeting responsible summer jobs

T-Media announces the launch of the Responsible Summer Job 2017 campaign in Finland. The objective of the campaign is…

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Finns’ trust in corporations declining

Kone is the most reputable enterprise in Finland, according to the latest iteration of T-Media’s annual Reputation&Trust survey. The other two organisations in the top three are Supercell and Fazer. A comparison of data over several years reveals that there is a downward trend in trust towards enterprises in Finland.

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