Elina Melgin, long-time CEO of ProCom, appointed Senior Advisor at T-Media


Docent Elina Melgin, PhD, an experienced communications professional, has been appointed Senior Advisor at T-Media. Melgin will begin her new role at T-Media in the fall of 2022. Melgin has long served as the CEO of ProCom, a network for professionals working in communications. She has announced that she will leave her current post by the end of August.

‘My resignation as ProCom’s CEO offers me the opportunity to simultaneously move on to something new and increase my degree of freedom. I’ve had discussions with various parties in communications, culture and universities about potential cooperation, and the negotiations with T-Media progressed the furthest. T-Media is a wonderful partner whose values are very close to my own’, said Melgin.

T-Media specialises in strategic reputation research, and its mission is to help organisations measure, develop and maintain their reputations and trust among various stakeholder groups. The company’s best-known product is the Reputation&Trust research concept, which is based on first-class data analytics and is widely used by company management teams.

‘We warmly welcome Elina to our work community. We’ve had great collaboration with Elina and ProCom for years. Now our partnership is deepening, which we are very happy about’, said Harri Leinikka, T-Media CEO.

‘Elina Melgin has deep insight into the development of the communications industry. We value her strategic view of the industry and her extensive domestic and international networks. Elina Melgin, whose dissertation is on the image of Finland, is a natural fit with T-Media’s personnel, who are exceptionally highly educated experts’, Leinikka continued.


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For more information, please contact:

Harri Leinikka, CEO, T-Media
pp. +358 40 505 5001

Elina Melgin, CEO, ProCom
pp.  +358 40 821688