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Amcham CEO Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson: “Reputation is one of the most important assets of any organization.”

Reputation is one of the most important assets of any organization, summarizes Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, the CEO of Amcham Finland.



Amcham Finland is an international business network representing companies from many different industries operating in Finland.

According to her experience, Alexandra thinks managing reputation is extremely important to an organization like Amcham Finland. She reminds us that to manage reputation, you have to learn to understand it.

”And in order to understand your reputation, you have to measure it. The first step to managing and understanding reputation is to study its current state,” she says. “For example, we have always received many recommendations and nice comments from our members, but before we actually started to measure our reputation, we lacked any real data. We could only start using it as a tool after getting data.”

Alexandra believes that Amcham’s first reputation survey already provided practical tools to use. Positive feedback from members and partners felt important, but feedback from external stakeholders got even more attention.

”We consistently maintain our quality of service and put our members first when making decisions. It is excellent that this shows in the results. We were especially interested by the views from non-members. Results and data analysis show that there are development areas we can make in the areas of interaction and transparency. We must be more active and open towards them. This is a challenge we gladly accept!”

She continued by explaining that working on reputation is an ongoing process, and it must be included into everything. Results are also visible in everything.

”I admit to underestimating the significance of reputation until we started managing it. Managing reputation has helped us succeed and attain our goals.”


Text: Anu Räsänen

Video production: Vesa Koivunen, Harri Leinikka, Tuuli Pohjola and Riku Ruokolahti.