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Targeting responsible summer jobs

T-Media announces the launch of the Responsible Summer Job 2017 (Vastuullinen kesäduuni, VKD) campaign in Finland. The objective of the campaign is to offer young people more responsible summer job experiences, and over 50,000 jobs.

The results of the survey executed as a part of VKD last year indicate that the experience of a summer job increases interest towards work life, according to 82% of the young respondents.

For six consecutive years, the VKD campaign has challenged employers to offer young people more good-quality summer jobs. At the same time, hundreds of employers have made the valuable contribution of enhancing the summer employees’ work-life skills and their confidence in their own abilities.

”Good summer job experiences, and finding one’s strengths, are highly valuable in these times of rapid work-life transformation,” says Päivi Salminen-Kultanen, VKD project director. “For employers, offering a summer job is an excellent opportunity to make a good first impression on the next generation of professionals. 85% of those having had a responsible summer job were willing to recommend their employer to their friends.”

The Most Responsible Summer Job 2016 is a survey that was executed in conjunction with the VKD campaign last year. More than 5,000 young people, from 95 organisations offering responsible summer jobs, took the survey.


The VKD campaign helps employers to understand what kind of expectations young people have as they are entering work-life, and to improve the processes connected with the organisation’s summer jobs. In 2017, the campaign’s main objective will be to help young people to identify their own strengths, and to help them enhance their summer job seeking skills. In last year’s study, giving feedback was the area requiring the most improvement from employers.

“Young people entering their first summer job first need to learn what kind of rules apply in work-life. To learn the ropes, they need a great deal of support, feedback and guidance,” says Liisa Tenhunen-Ruotsalainen, Director, Economic Information Office (TAT).

“This year, in collaboration with the employers, we will underline the significance of feedback, and create practices to increase the amount of feedback,” Päivi Salminen-Kultanen says. ”The immediate managers of the summer employees will play a key role in this.”

The VKD 2017 campaign will kick off 1 November 2016. All responsible summer vacancies are published online at, and at Oikotie, the employment site.

Register for the 2017 campaign (in Finnish) here.

The Responsible Summer Job 2017 campaign is a collaboration between the Finnish Economic Information Office (TAT), T-Media, Sonera, Nokia, Destia, S-Group and Oikotie. The campaign challenges employers to offer more high-quality summer jobs. The campaign’s employers have committed to the six principles of a good summer job: good application experience, meaningful work, induction and guidance, fairness and equality, appropriate salary, and written contract and letter of reference. In 2016, 327 employers took part in the VKD campaign offering more than 50,000 responsible summer jobs.




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