Study participant privacy notice

This notice specifies how your personal data are processed for T-Media’s research purposes. Only indirect identifiers related to your personal data are processed. Individual respondents cannot be identified from the results of the study. Participation in the study is voluntary.


Controller of the study

T-Media Oy (1099844-1)

Eteläinen Makasiinikatu 4

00130 Helsinki


The controller of the study ensures that the processing of the research material is in compliance with data protection law.


Contact person

Eila Lahti, Data Sourcing Manager


Contact information sources

As a respondent, you have the right to know from which sources your contact information has been retrieved for a single study. Contact information is retrieved from three sources:

  1. The register of the party conducting the study
  2. A commercial register (including Suomen Asiakastieto Oy)
  3. Public sources


Collection of respondents’ personal data

T-Media collects data on respondents from three sources:

  1. The data provided directly by the respondents, such as responses to the study and the background information of the respondent
  2. Data inferred from the respondents’ background information and responses to the study, such as various types of segmentation data
  3. The respondent’s e-mail address to which the invitation to the study was sent.


Data retrieved with cookies are not used in our studies or for the purpose of segmentation.

Varying types of background information is requested in the studies. Types of background information requests include, for example:

  • gender
  • year/decade of birth
  • mother tongue
  • place of residence
  • region
  • field of education
  • employment sector
  • region of your workplace
  • position within the organisation
  • possible membership of a political party
  • organisation background information


Legal basis and purpose of processing personal data

The processing of personal data is based on T-Media’s legitimate interest. Personal data are only collected for pre-determined purposes and to the extent required.

Our operating methods are based on the EU’s and Finland’s legislation.


Storage and processing of responses

Responses are stored in the data collection software’s memory for a pre-determined period of time, including the e-mail address to which the invitation to the study was sent. The data are stored only for the duration necessary for the purpose of processing the personal data.

The data are loaded for processing purposes without e-mail addresses and, as a result, the processed data is anonymised. The background information provided by respondents is primarily used for analysing and reporting the results of the study. Results are always reported to the party conducting the study in a format that does not allow for identifying individual respondents.

Phone interviews are not recorded. Individual respondents cannot be identified from the results of the study. Parties conducting studies use the results for, for example, the purpose of developing their operations and planning their communications.

Small rewards can be given to respondents. Respondents are asked if they are willing to accept the reward. If the respondent is willing to accept the reward, they must provide their name and the address to which the reward will be sent. This information is stored in a different database than the responses to the study until the reward has been sent.



Access to the data is restricted to the persons employed by T-Media and its subcontractors whose tasks require processing the data. We have ensured that all of our service providers comply with the Data Protection Act. The data are protected with appropriate safeguards: all computers and information systems are protected with technical measures. The data are not disclosed to third parties.


Rights of the respondent

Participation in studies is always voluntary. Respondents have the right to know and verify what personal data and background information concerning them has been stored.

Participation does not require registration. No strong personal data are collected from respondents.

As a respondent, you have the right to refuse from accepting invitations to studies. If you decide to prohibit the sending of invitations, we will store your information (name and company) in our prohibition register. The data stored in the register can be erased according to a request. The request can be made by e-mail to the e-mail address specified below or submitted in other written form to the company.

If you want to erase your data in our business study register, please send a request by e-mail to:


Changes to this notice

T-Media reserves the right to make changes to this privacy notice and related information. T-Media recommends data subjects to check this privacy statement regularly in order to learn about any changes to it.


This privacy notice was last updated on 11 November 2021.