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Apparatchiks as business advisors

We recently analysed the strategic capabilities of several Finnish communications agencies. Why is an agency good at something, and where does this capability come from? And how do agencies leverage these capabilities? The picture of the Finnish comms agency landscape turned out to be one-sided.

In many of the old communications agencies, political ex-apparatchiks now occupy key positions.

They say that the political culture has entered a post-truth age. Emotions rule over logic, and facts do not matter. At the centre of rhetoric are injustice, inequality… and of course there must be the bad guy. There’s no hero without the bad guy, after all.

In the background, power struggles are being played out. Support is the much sought-after transactional currency. If you like power, the world of politics is an attractive choice.

But how do the mechanics of politics work in the world of business?

In building your societal relations, you can indeed set your aim for the short haul. But in business, the bad guy is a tough proposition to sell. Blaming others has rarely yielded great results.

No major business can completely overturn its business logic every four years, whereas in politics this seems a viable modus operandi. A company should not promise something that it cannot deliver in a four years’ time, because this would lead into losing customers as soon as delivery fails.

Your Average Joe’s cash is a pragmatic resource. People who must carry business risk expect sustainable and professional business management advice. They want advisors who are capable of strategic analysis, and who use global gold standard practices, and who support well-grounded decision making.

It is not easy for a business to break free from its investments and commitments. A sustainable business creates value for its customers, employees, to society – and ultimately to its owners. Solving this equation according to best practices is global business knowhow.

Why did we set up a communications unit called T-Media Relations? The reason is simple. Besides of communications chops, the Finnish communications ecosystem needs global business knowhow. We are certified in having both. With this combination, we want to help Finnish corporate communications to excel.

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