Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored automatically on your computer/device when you visit different websites. Our online service uses cookies for the purpose of providing the most user-friendly and high-quality service possible.

We use the Google Analytics service for the purpose of analysing and monitoring the use of our online services. Google Analytics collects anonymous information about the users of our website. Information stored by the software includes information on which pages you visit, the duration of the session on our website and how you accessed our website. This information is collected with cookies, but it is not processed or stored in a format that allows for the monitoring of individual users. Google Analytics is not enabled in encrypted e-mail communications. If you do not want the online service to obtain the information with cookies, you can disable them.

The information retrieved with cookies is not used for marketing or research purposes.

Our websites also include social media extension, such as a Share button for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The social media extensions are embedded on our website, but their functionality and content are provided by third parties. Some social media extensions may also make it possible for the third parties to collect information about the use of services if you are logged in to the service. The terms and conditions of social media service providers are available on the websites of the service providers. The privacy statements of the services are available through the following links: Facebook, Twitter ja LinkedIn.

The privacy statements and terms of use of the third-party service providers apply in their respective services and T-Media is not responsible for the data collection or processing procedures of these parties, including cookies, other monitoring measures and links.