At the heart of T-Media’s analytics and research services, Reputation&Trust is the state-of-the art model for reputation and brand research. The model has been employed by more than 100 organisations, in more than 30 countries.

Reputation&Trust offers a uniform research model to assess the state of an organisation’s reputation among the general public, the organisation’s employer image, its media relations, and other aspects of stakeholder relations.

Reputation&Trust provides your organisation with a 360 degree view of its reputation and all stakeholder relations. Our extensive data pool enables benchmarking across the field of competition and between industry verticals.

We have deployed Reputation&Trust for our clients in more than 30 countries, and the research can be conducted within any stakeholder group globally . The research design is based on global best practices and the best academic sources worldwide.

An aligned set of metrics provides a solid basis for organisational commitment, definition of objectives and monitoring outcomes. That is exactly why a great number of organisations have already tied Reputation&Trust to their management and reward practices.

The essence of Reputation&Trust is that it gives you full visibility into which aspects of reputation impact your stakeholders’ behaviour the most.


Finland’s Most Reputable Companies

We employ the Reputation&Trust model to conduct the yearly Finland’s Most Reputable Companies study. The research report lists the Finnish companies with the best and worst reputation. Read more >>


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