Harri Leinikka, CEO, T-Media

M.Sc.(Tech.), Certificate of Reputation Management, +358 40 505 5001, harri.leinikka@t-media.fi

Harri Leinikka is the CEO of T-Media and one of its founding partners. Harri has more than 20 years of experience in communications and reputation management. Previously, Harri has worked in Alma Media, as a management team member at the Finnish Economic Information Office TAT, and in the Board of Directors at Infor.

Jirimiko Oranen, CEO, T-Media Relations

MBA, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, +358 40 756 6655, jirimiko.oranen@t-media.fi

Jirimiko Oranen is the CEO of T-Media’s communications and reputation advisory practice. He has more than 25 years of experience in communications, marketing and media. Before T-Media, he worked as the Nordic Marketing and Communications Director at TCS. Jirimiko’s core expertise includes communication and marketing strategies, issues and crisis management and executive trainings. Jiri holds an MBA from the Henley Business School.

Päivi Salminen-Kultanen, Business Director

M.Sc.(Agric. and Forestry), eMBA, +358 40 727 9717, paivi.salminen-kultanen@t-media.fi

Päivi Salminen-Kultanen is the head of T-Media’s talent attraction practice and for the Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) campaign. Previously, Päivi has worked as the head of recruitment services at the Helsinki University of Technology, at Jobline, and as an executive search consultant. Päivi has an eMBA from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Riku Ruokolahti, Development Director

MBA, Certificate of Reputation Management, +358 400 512 200, riku.ruokolahti@t-media.fi

Riku Ruokolahti is the Development Director at T-Media. He acts as an advisor to the leadership and boards of Finnish and international enterprises. The Reputation&Trust model developed by Riku is based on a holistic approach at brand reputation management, and on identifying the critical dimensions that define the reputation of an organisation. Riku has an MBA from the Henley Business School, and he holds a Certificate of Reputation Management.

Sari Maunula, Research Director

M.Sc.(Econ.), +358 50 409 1543, sari.maunula@t-media.fi

Sari Maunula leads T-Media's research operations. Previously Sari has been working as a research manager at Taloustutkimus and Aegis Media. Sari has a vast experience in brand and reputation research and personnel surveys.

Hanna-Mari Aula, Senior Advisor

D.Sc(Econ.), +358 40 585 6466, hanna-mari.aula@t-media.fi

Hanna-Mari helps our clients develop their communications and enhance their reputation. She has nearly 20 years of expertise in reputation management and corporate communications. Hanna-Mari received her doctoral degree from the Aalto University in 2015 studying reputation construction, and has previously worked e.g. at the KAUTE foundation, Aalto University School of Business, and reputation management consultancy Pohjoisranta.

Kai-Verneri Kaksonen, Client Relationship Manager

M.Sc., +358 50 545 5421, kai.kaksonen@t-media.fi

Kai-Verneri helps our clients to measure and understand their reputation as well as develop and improve their stakeholder relationships. Kai-Verneri has previously worked for the Finnish Economic Information Office and the University of Helsinki.

Andrei Sergejeff, Key Account Manager

MA, +358 50 3030204, andrei.sergejeff@t-media.fi

Andrei helps our clients with the planning, coordination and implementation of their research projects, as well as in understanding and applying the results in practice. Andrei has a strong international background and a deep understanding of academic research. Andrei is also a freelance speaker and lecturer, and the author of several nonfiction books.

Nina Ritakallio, Key Account Manager

M.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc.(Sports Mgmt), +358 40 508 9465, nina.ritakallio@t-media.fi

Nina helps our clients understand the financial impact of corporate reputation and find the most efficient ways to manage it among different stakeholder groups. She also advises our clients in the planning and implementation of digital marketing campaigns. Nina has completed Master's degrees at Bond University and Griffith University in Australia, and has worked in finance, marketing and business development both in Finland and in Australia.

Reeta Sutinen, Research Manager

BBA, +358 40 5119936, reeta.sutinen@t-media.fi

Reeta is responsible for our reputation research projects, as well as the series of Employer Image and Kun Koulu Loppuu (When School Ends) studies. Reeta has long experience in the field, and has worked for TNS Gallup as a research manager and key account manager.

Essi Vesterinen, Research Manager

M.Sc.(Econ.), essi.vesterinen@t-media.fi

Essi coordinates our multi-stakeholder research projects from data collection to final reports. She is also responsible for building the research reports for Media Barometer studies. Before T-Media, Essi has gained research and communications experience i.a. at Demos Helsinki and a Brussels-based NGO Creative District.

Tuuli Pohjola, Research Scientist & Account Manager

M.Sc.(Econ.), +358 44 054 0566, tuuli.pohjola@t-media.fi

Tuuli is in charge the planning and delivery of the customised research projects to our clients. She has worked in communications and consultancy services at the Confederation of Finnish Industries and Miltton.

Joonas Tarpila, Senior Data Analyst

M.Sc.(Tech.), +358 50 530 3684, joonas.tarpila@t-media.fi

Joonas is responsible for the quantitative analysis of our research data, as well as the report design. Joonas's Master's degree in applied mathematics and his previous work experience as an insurance actuary, have secured him very strong analytical skills.

Mira Lindroos, Data Analyst

B.Sc.(Tech.), +358 40 086 3524, mira.lindroos@t-media.fi

Mira performs hands-on analysis of our data to create customised reports to our clients, and works on the automation of report generation. She has previously worked as a research assistant at HR4.

Vesa Vilenius, Executive Producer

BBA, +358 50 560 8488, vesa.vilenius@t-media.fi

Vesa is responsible for running and producing research based talent attraction marketing for industries, educational institutes and employers. Before T-Media Vesa has worked at HAMK University of Applied Sciences and NRJ Finland.


Bachelor of Culture and Arts, +358 50 324 3264, anne-mari.rajala@t-media.fi

Anne-Mari is a communications specialist focusing on research based attraction marketing and communications for educational institutes and employers. Her expertise includes digital content creation, communications, media relations and project management. Anne-Mari has 10-years experience as a journalist and radio host at Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, and she has been working as a content creator at the Nose Day Foundation and as a communications producer at Economic Information Office TAT.

Siiri Huttunen, Content Creator

Bachelor of Media and Communication, +358 50 340 1305, siiri.huttunen@t-media.fi

Siiri works as a content creator for T-Media's communications services. She is responsible for the Responsible Summer Job campaign, where she creates text and video content for digital channels. She has previously worked at Yleisradio as a multimedia editor.

Maija Tuovinen, Subeditor

BA., maija.tuovinen@t-media.fi

Maija works as a subeditor in KukaMedia (a media database published by T-Media). She is responsible of the updating of KukaMedia and performs diverse tasks concerning the publication process. She studies modern languages and communication in the University of Helsinki and has previously worked in the Finnish cultural Institute in Paris.

Sonja Taipale, Communications Trainee

B.Soc.Sc., sonja.taipale@t-media.fi

Sonja has joined T-Media's team as a communications trainee. Sonja is responsible for our Vastuullinen Kesäduuni (Responsible Summer Job) campaign, acting as the contact person towards the client companies, and challenging them to commit to the principles of responsible employment. Sonja is studying communications and marketing at the University of Tampere, and has a strong customer service background.


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