Attraction & Engagement

T-Media has a long track record in creative talent attraction campaigns that help employers, industries and educational institutions to engage with their audiences. With services ranging from analytics to tactical execution, T-Media is uniquely equipped to deliver stakeholder engagement that contributes to your organization’s bottom line.

Our engagement campaigns, nowadays operated by Oikotien Työpaikat include:

VKD – Vastuullinen kesäduuni

Vastuullinen kesäduuni is the leading corporate employer image campaign in the Finnish market. The objective of the campaign is to provide young people with better summer jobs and valuable work experience.Employers taking part in VKD commit to the six principles of a good summer job, ensuring valuable engagement for both the employee and their employer.

KKL – Kun koulu loppuu

Kun koulu loppuu is a ground-breaking campaign providing high school graduates information about studies, work and career options. KKL offers insights on trending industries, and on the best colleges and universities. Commissioned by the Finnish Economic Information Office, the yearly KKL Study researches the study and career plans of young people.

Further information:

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